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Why Green Care?

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Have you ever experienced the grounding, and emotional connection that comes from a walk in the mountains, working a section of dirt in the garden, snuggling a dog, holding a baby chick, or brushing a horse?

Often after having these types of experiences, we tend to feel better about life. Our brains release "feel good" chemicals. We literally come alive spending time with the living world.

I have spent most of my life observing and studying the life-restoring gift that spending time in nature offers.

Now that I have introduced Green Care, I want to tell you the "Why?" behind what we do at C&S Family Farm. Put as simply as possible, Nature Heals. I have experienced it in my own life and facilitate it daily in my professional life through working with people with plants, and animals while spending time in nature.

Green Care is a multi-layered care module that includes social and therapeutic horticulture, care farming, environmental conservation, animal-assisted therapy, green exercise, and can also include wilderness therapy, nature therapy, nature arts and crafts, and eco psychotherapy.

Some insurance companies in many European countries recognize and pay for these services as viable mental and physical health interventions. Studies have consistently shown that improvements in participants' quality of life outcomes have been extremely positive when participating in this type of care module.

I experience these positive outcomes with my clientele daily. It's an amazing thing to facilitate.

We aim to bring nature into the everyday life of those who come to our farms. Green Care is incredible as it can meet the needs of the general population, helps with public health initiatives, and partners beautifully with health and social care interventions.


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