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Sarah Eagar and Christy, C&S Farm Owners

Sarah Owner/Founder

Sarah's background in animal husbandry and homesteading spans three decades.  She has an educational background in psychology, with a graduate certification in Animal and Human Health from the University of Denver's Graduate School of Social Work.  Sarah is also trained in natural horsemanship and therapeutic riding techniques. She has lived on a small farm for more than half of her life, and is enthralled with the quality of life that comes from living an intentional life.  Her passion is helping people from all ability levels, and walks of life, connect to themselves, by working in nature through animal/horticultural educational and therapeutic interventions. 

She is a mother to four incredible humans.  Being their mother has been the greatest joy of her life.  

Baby goats


We believe in a model of care and education that taps into the healing that comes from spending time in nature.  


We live in a time where unplugging from the electrical pulse of the world is getting harder and harder.


C&S Family Farm's mission is to create healing environments that invite all visitors to unplug and connect with something more powerful than themselves.  The healing that comes from connecting with nature cannot be understated.


 Simple, beautiful, powerful nature.  

sleeping pig and boy


Our vision is to bring light and healing to everyone who steps foot on our farms.  

Family of boys


In 1987, when Sarah was eight years old, living in a small house in Starkville, Mississippi, she read Charlotte's Web for the first time.  She was enthralled with the farm life depicted in the story and became determined to one day become a "farmer."  Reading it repeatedly throughout her childhood, she prayed that someday she could be just like the Zuchermans and have a farm all her own. 


Amazingly her wish started to come true six years later as her family moved to Utah onto a small piece of land...THIS piece of land.  She quickly fell in love with the farming lifestyle and has lived and studied it ever since.  

When given a chance to buy the family farm in 2009, she jumped at the opportunity to raise her family here.  She lives the homesteading lifestyle and has dedicated her life to studying the therapeutic and educational benefits of connecting to nature with plants and animals.  She has become an expert in her field and loves sharing her knowledge with all those who visit her land.  

Golden Retriever, Sarah Eagar
Chris Geilman

The Dream

-Shared by Sarah

What does C & S stand for?  

Christine and Sarah...mother and daughter - daughter and mother.

Let me explain.  Christine is my mother.  Christine is also my daughter, who is named after my mother.  

These are the two most important women in my life. 

My mother passed away 23 years ago, at the age of 44, after courageously battling a rare and devastating disorder named Stiff-Person Syndrome. She inspired and uplifted all who met her, no matter how much pain she was in or how difficult her day had been.  As a teenager I spent countless hours cultivating this land with her, as she always had to have someone with her as her sickness progressed. I learned firsthand the power that comes from working the land through those experiences with her. 


She dreamed of raising her family on this farm and sharing it with others.  Unfortunately, her vision and life were cut extremely short. Since her passing, it has been my dream to fulfill her dream.  She is a part of everything I do and the power/strength behind me. She planted and nurtured many of the plants still growing on this land and is undoubtedly a part of the magic that occurs here today.  Her legacy lives on in the work we do.  

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