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After School Camps 2024

Are you looking for a fantastic place for your child to grow and learn after school?  C & S Farm offers a hands-on homesteading experience, unlike any after school program in Utah.  We keep our class sizes small to provide a personal experience to all our campers.  If your child enjoys horseback riding, nature, animals, gardening, arts and crafts, outdoor games, friends and fun- this camp is for them!

Farm Life is the Best Life

C&S Family Farm is special.  The magic on this land awakens the spirit within every living creature and plant here.  Our after school camp is guaranteed to bring wonder into your child's life. Some of the experiences your child will have on the farm include:

  • Watching the growth of a chicken's embryo with egg incubation and weekly hatchings

  • Bottle-feeding a lamb

  • Horsemanship education with basic groom and tack skills taught, followed by basic horseback riding instruction 

  • Animal husbandry lessons with daily farm care and chores

  • Gardening and harvesting fruits and vegetables

  • Floral design

  • Jam and Bread making

  • Arts and crafts

  • Kickball, soccer, baseball, nine square, parachute games, yard games

  • The list goes on and on...



After-school camps are running most Monday, and Wednesday afternoons from

4:00-6:00 in April and May,

and are $40 per session. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

Oh, the fun we have...

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