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Farm Fieldtrips

Come and learn with us! An educational and therapeutic farm field trip combines the benefits of experiential learning with therapeutic elements, fostering a holistic approach to development by enhancing cognitive understanding, emotional well-being, and sensory experiences, while also promoting a deeper connection to nature and the farming environment. 

C&S Family Farm is special.  The magic on this land awakens the spirit within every living creature and plant here. Our field trips are guaranteed to bring wonder into your student's life. Some of the experiences your student might have on the farm include:

  • Watching the growth of a chicken's embryo with egg incubation and weekly hatchings

  • Bottle-feeding a lamb

  • Horsemanship education with basic groom and tack skills taught

  • Animal husbandry lessons with daily farm care and chores

  • Holding and brushing all types of animals

  • Gardening and harvesting fruits and vegetables when in season

  • The list goes on and on...

1 Hour/$95   2 Hour/$180

Up to 15 children, please reach out for pricing for larger groups.

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