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Farm Summer Camps 2024

Are you looking for a fantastic place for your child to grow and learn this summer?  C & S Farm offers a hands-on homesteading experience, unlike any summer camp in Utah.  We keep our class sizes small to provide a personal experience to all our campers.  If your child enjoys nature, animals, gardening, arts and crafts, outdoor games, friends and fun- this camp is for them!


Days and Rates

Camps will run through June, July, and part of August.  The cost is $50 per day per camper, plus a one time/one per family $25 registration fee.  Please pay the registration fee through Venmo @csfamilyfarm.


Availability will be most Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9:30-12:00.  

Ages 4-12.  Campers will be broken into small supervised groups according to age and ability level. 

The curriculum will repeat every four weeks.

T-shirts will be given to children who attend two or more sessions over the summer. A light snack will be provided each day. 

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A Summer Camp Like No Other...

Summers at C&S Family Farm are special.  The magic on this land awakens the spirit within every living creature and plant here.  Our summer camp is guaranteed to bring wonder into your child's life. Some of the experiences your child will have this summer include:

  • Watching the growth of a chicken's embryo with egg incubation and weekly hatchings

  • Bottle-feeding baby lambs

  • Horsemanship education with basic groom and tack skills taught, followed by basic horseback riding instruction

  • Animal husbandry lessons with daily farm care and chores

  • Gardening and harvesting fruits and vegetables

  • Floral design

  • Cheesemaking

  • Jam and Bread making

  • Arts and crafts

  • Kickball, soccer, baseball, nine square, parachute games, yard games

  • Storytimes with weekly guest readers

  • The list goes on and on...

Weekly Themes and Focus

Each day our campers will experience what life on a farm is like.  They will participate in farm chores, animal husbandry tasks, and gardening/horticultural experiences. No matter the day your child attends, they will always have the chance to ride horses, work and play on the farm, play sports and yard games, and do arts and crafts.  Egg incubation and hatchings will take place regularly.  Bottle feeding lambs will also take place on a daily basis. 


We will also have a weekly theme, with a focus where we will deep dive into animals, nature, and simple ecology.  Our "hands on" curriculum will repeat every four weeks, and will be taught in small groups according to age and understanding level.   Each week includes ideas of what can be accomplished, not always what will be completed.  

Week 1: Focus

Everything Animals

  • Animal Care, Biology, Psychology

    • Will include: ​Learning about basic farm husbandry and animal biology. 

    • Learning about human and animal relationships and the psychology behind it.

    • Cheesemaking, egg collecting and incubation is also included in this section. 

    • ​Horsemanship focus will be on Wednesday on Week 1. 

Week 2: Focus

Everything Plants

  • Plant Care, Science, and Biology

    • Will include: planting, caring for, and harvesting fruits and vegetables.

    • Learning about and understanding how plants grow and what they do for us and the environment. 

      • We will make jam (from fruit we harvest) and bread this week. ​

    • Basic floral design

Week 3: Focus

Everything Nature

  • Bugs, Dirt, ​Sun, Water, Nature Exploration

    • Will Include: Fun with bugs, microscopic dirt exploration, science experiments involving nature. 

    • Learning about all the pieces of nature that contribute to life, and how they all work together. 

    • We will process Alpaca fiber and learn where various nature products come from.  

Week 4: Focus

Everything Sports

  • Soccer, Four Square, Water Games, Kickball

    • Will Include: Playing multiple sports and games throughout the week.

      • Friday's on Sports Week will be water games.  ​

    • Learning about the benefits of exercise and how it helps our brains and bodies.

Blue Green Illustrated Horse Riding Desktop Wallpaper-2.png

2024 Summer Camp Dates
9:30 am -12:00 pm

JUNE: WEEK 1Animals: Mon 3, Wed 5, Fri 7 
                       2 Plants: Mon 10, Wed 12  (Jam and Bread on the 12th)
                       3 Nature: Mon 17, Wed 19, Fri 21
                       4 Sports: Mon 24, Wed 26, Fri 28

 JULY:           5 Animals: Mon 8, Wed 10, Fri 12 
                       6 Plants: Mon 15, Wed 17, Fri 19 (Jam and Bread on the 17th)
                       7 Nature: Mon 22
                       8 Sports: Mon 29, Wed 31, Fri Aug 2nd

AUG:            9 Animals: Mon 5, Wed 7

Attendees can come one, two, or all three days each week.  Please reach out if you have questions regarding scheduling multiple days.  

  • Is the summer camp indoors, outdoors, or both?

    • It will be both!  We have a beautiful air-conditioned facility that offers a wonderful classroom and learning area, a small area, and a full bathroom.  We will be taking advantage of the outdoor farm as often as possible but will spend learning time inside each day to get out of the heat.   ​

  • Will lunch be provided?

    • No, lunch will not be provided.  A light snack will be given during the camp, but lunch must be eaten off-site after the camp. ​

  • What will the group size and ages be?

    • Final group size and age breakdowns will depend on the number of kids that sign up each day.  Group sizes will be around 5 children per group per teacher/aide.  Approximate class age breakdowns will be ages 4-7, 8-12.

  • What should my child bring?

    • Water bottle with their name on it.  ​

    • Shoes and clothing that can get dirty. 

    • Sunglasses and a hat if possible.  

    • Make sure your child comes wearing sunscreen!

Commonly Asked Questions

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